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Publishing Myths Agents in Ivory Towers

Another instalment of publishing myths with the focus on what exactly agents do for their clients and why you may need one.
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open books

5 Worst Ways to Open a Novel

Reviewing the worst ways to open a novel and what occurs in these scenes to make agents and editors run for the hills.
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Read Banned Books

What causes a book to be challenged or banned from schools and public libraries and why reading these works is crucial.
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breaking writing rules: adverbs, prologue, description

Breaking the Writing Rules

What are writing rules, anyway? Let's examine why they matter and how to skillfully break them like a professional writer.
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freedom to read

Freedom to Read

Freedom to Read week is an important event that challenges the threat of censorship and defends the intellectual freedom in Canada.
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The Power of Legacy Writing

What is legacy writing and why does it have so many benefits? Explore these questions and more in our latest post.
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What’s Your Genre: The Formula

Learn how to accurately define your work especially when writing in the intersections of genre with examples of blockbusters across genres.
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The Magic in Failure

Everyone experiences failure. The magic trick is how to think about it and use the lessons failure teaches help propel writing goals forward.
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Sticking to Your Writing Resolutions

Everyone needs inspiration to keep those writing resolutions going strong. Add the five tips here to get you closer to your goals.
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