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Why Word Count is Important for Writers

Learn why ignoring word count conventions is risky when seeking publication and what to do when a manuscript is too long (or short).
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Book Royalties Explained

How royalties are paid varies by a number of factors beyond the sales of the book; from advance paid to the type of publisher the author is with.
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Book Copyright Explained

Delving into copyright and what can steps to take to protect your work. Find the resources and tips about book copyright here.
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10 Agent Feedback Tips

In a guest blog post from Writescape, author Ruth E. Walker interviews her literary agent, Ali McDonald, on her top feedback tips.
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Publishing Myths: The Perfect Manuscript

Why a manuscript is not truly final until it is published and what revisions to expect from your agents and editors.
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Films to Inspire Your Writing

Our favourite films featuring writing or writers to help breathe life into that work-in-progress. Add to your watchlist now.
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What Comes After the First Draft?

Finishing the first draft is only the start of the writing process. Find out what next steps to take and what resources to use!
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Publishing Myths: Agents in Ivory Towers

Another instalment of publishing myths with the focus on what exactly agents do for their clients and why you may need one.
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5 Worst Ways to Open a Novel

Reviewing the worst ways to open a novel and what occurs in these scenes to make agents and editors run for the hills.
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