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5 Book recommendations for creativity and inspiration

5 Book Recommendations for Inspiration and Creativity

Every writer can use a little inspiration and creativity boost from time to time and this list of books delivers.
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Canada’s Copyright Extension Explained

Short review of what prompted the the recent extension of the Canadian copyright protection and its implication for authors.
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What AI Can Do For Your Writing Career

Save time and improve your productivity by using this tool to overcome writer's block, automate your marketing efforts, and enhance collaboration.
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Resisting the Diva Mentality: Authors, Agents, and Co-Parenting

Guest blogger Matteo L. Cerilli on why writing is a partnership, how to manage your own publishing industry expectations and more.
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Creating Meaningful Characters in Fiction

Learn how to craft characters that will stay with your reader forever and feel as real as the people in their lives.
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5 Writing Habits Resolutions 

Creating new writing goals and habits for a year-long writing practice is a key ingredient in having a productive year.
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What Hallmark Holiday Movies Can Teach You About Writing

How to give your readers what they want—and mix in some surprises to delight them—as learned from Hallmark holiday movies and editor Jessica De Bruyn.
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word count repeated on blue background

Why Word Count is Important for Writers

Learn why ignoring word count conventions is risky when seeking publication and what to do when a manuscript is too long (or short).
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Book Royalties Explained

How royalties are paid varies by a number of factors beyond the sales of the book; from advance paid to the type of publisher the author is with.
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